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Led bySpirit

I've always been led to the very best,
and I am Grateful! Here's my list of the Best:

Favorite Health Sites: For working on curing everything

Favorite Lightworkers List:
Psychic: Riz Mirza

Astrologer: The Leo King
Sunday Service: Rev. Michael Beckwith
Yoga Teacher: Monica Mesa Desi

Yoga Teacher: Cheri Rae
Yoga Teacher: Shiva Rea

Shaman: Riz Mirza
Alchemist: Enrico Namon
Living Artist & Apothecary: Ava Apiana
Living Artist: Carl Gouveia
Marketer: Billy Gene

My favorite Intuitive Health tips (I'm not a doctor so use at your own risk!)
Eye issues: itchy eyes, styes, red eyes, dry eyes... 100%Raw Honey drop in your eyes - works in about 5 min.
Allergy sneezing, or any histamine reactions: Green Tea - works in about 15 min.
U.T.I. infections: Brew 100%Green Tea cooled. Find a sterile way to squirt it up there. Eat & drink antioxidants only for weeks!
Ear infection: Drop Hydrogen Peroxide drops in your ears and wait for the popcorn noises to stop = all dead.
Wounds: Honey, Steri Strips and Liquid Band-Aid non-sting type. 
Nails: Vinegar
Hair Dye: Rainbow Henna
Hair Leave-In Conditioner: Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strenthen & Restore
Sun Protection: Raw Elements tinted
Soft Skin: Black Cumin Seed Oil 
Skin Anti-aging: Red Light Therapy 
Hormone issues: Lift big weights, low reps, with upper body. I use 12 lbs for bicep curls and overhead extensions.
Hard Core and buffed body: Yoga, Surfing
Buffed legs: Ride your bike, hike
Healthiest Diet Experience: Vegan with fish & seafood

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