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Hello, I'm Sirena Pendragon. My friends call me "Mermaid."
I was born and raised in the San Francisco North Bay Area,
Marin County, where
I worked for years as an illustrator, graphic designer, sales manager, gallery director, and very popular yoga teacher. I've practiced yoga since 1981 and taught since 1998. In 2001 I moved to Los Angeles where I raised my children at the beach, studied psychology at Antioch University, and started my business, “Miss Mermaid” in 2015 as a healer, a third generation psychic claircognizant empath, a tarot reader and consultant, an astrologer specializing in “Life Mission Discovery,” and a writer and author on Amazon. Today, I've found my mermaid home on the island of Oahu,
"The gathering place," where I hike in jungles with waterfalls, surf under rainbows with dolphins, and heal people in-person or, remotely every day. I feel blessed and I'm grateful to serve as a Lightworker.


Edythe Potter 1898 - 1995
My Grandmother was a psychic reader in Los Angeles.
She was born in San Francisco, but was educated in England, where she learned to read tea leaves. She had many friends and is missed by many. She taught me to have faith.
I love you Grandma.


Ruth Griffen Potter 1930 - 2011
My mother was an amazing artist
who worked behind the scenes for advertising agencies,
which included campaigns for Walt Disney.
She taught me to listen to my Spirit.
I love you Mom.


Kenneth Potter 1926 - 2011
Dad was a legendary Artist who was and still is recognized internationally. Today, his work may be seen simply by google searching: Kenneth Potter watercolor or by going to
He was such an inspiration for many.
I miss you so much Dad!

Life Purpose.jpg

 VoyageLA:  Today we'd like to introduce you to Sirena Pendragon.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Sirena.

So, let's start at the beginning and we can move on from there.

 Miss Mermaid:  "Healers sign up for an extra challenging life. I must have been going for extra credit with Neptune at the top of my astrology chart, in Scorpio, no less. It was guaranteed that I would spend most of my life searching through the Neptunian fog, clueless as to what my Life Mission was. My Sun, Mars, Mercury and Ketu were all hidden in the 12th house like buried treasure from a past life. Pluto and Uranus promised me dramatic transformations in the 8th house of death and mystical knowledge.









As it happens with lovers, my mother died in 2011 and shortly thereafter my father died. He left me a brand new 1998 Mac computer fresh in the box. Just as I was writing my book, "Led by Spirit," I began to get writer munchies. The last time that happened, my man-friend caught me at my computer with about 20 M&M wrappers, like a chocolate junkie. This time, I decided that I would be healthier. In the dried fruit section I found some coconut slices. Back at my computer, I ate half the bag and felt like I was going to die. Evidently, sulphur dioxide is a food preservative for some folks and a poison for others. I admitted myself into the nearest hospital and just to make it more interesting for the doctors, I was also going through my "Kundalini Rising," the opening of my crown chakra. The doctors didn't know what to make of my alien body. As a yoga teacher, I tried explaining it to them but they knew more than I did and kept me under observation for a week. My heart was fascinating to the heart specialists.​ Meanwhile, they gave me some nice drugs, which allowed me to sleep longer than usual and have some long talks with my spirit guides.

"You really don't remember what your mission is here, do you?"


"No, I really don't know! Would you please tell me?

"You need to look at your astrology chart."

I've looked at my astrology chart and I just don't get it!"

My mother joined in, "You need to look at it a different way."

When I got home I pulled out my computer and there it was, lots of drama, but no answers. I called my friend in New York who was an astrologer, "Do you happen to have any astrology programs I could use?"

"Well, I have a really great one, but its old, you'll need a 1998 Mac or older to use it."

Thank you Dad! I loaded the program up on my computer and found an exotic menu option for "viewing my chart in a different way," and there it was, my Life Mission! 


I ran out and bought my first pack of tarot cards. I brought it home, and as I was opening the box, I thought, "I don't know how to do this."

Spirit said, "Yes I do! I've done this before."

So, I proceeded to shuffle the cards and up flew a card into the air. It seemed like time slowed down as I watched the card spin before my eyes and land.

"That wasn't an accident," said Spirit.

Slowly, I picked up the card and turned it over, it was "The Magician."  I didn't need the directions at all. Magically, I just knew.

Liberated breasts, skateboards, bikes, talking T-shirts, pitt bulls and lots of medical marijuana, Yes, I was out on the Venice Boardwalk, my humble training ground. If you can focus on receiving spiritual messages here amongst the chaos, you can do it anywhere! After my first client, tears welled up in my eyes because I finally understood deeply, my Life Mission. All the pain and severity I had gone through in my life, it was for a reason; it was so I would understand my client's struggles since I had known them well myself. Most importantly, I could share with them how to heal.

 VoyageLA:  We're always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc - but we've spoken with enough people to know that it's not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?

 Miss Mermaid:  The tarot helped me to understand the bigger picture of what we are here to learn and the directions that the Angels are guiding us towards, so it was much easier for me to start this business than any other businesses that I had in the past. I learned for myself, that when you discover your Life Mission through astrology, your life moves quickly and easily forward, doors open, you meet all the people you're meant to connect with and you finally flow!

 VoyageLA:  We'd love to hear more about your business.

 Miss Mermaid:  I'm much more than a fortune teller, I'm a spiritual teacher, third generation psychic reader, astrologer, shaman, an empathic intuitive healer, and a yoga teacher for 36 years. I write and teach about energy, empowerment, reversing the aging process, opening chakras, relationships, manifestation and many other mystical teachings.

The revelations I receive may be validating, transformational, life changing, empowering and enlightening. This isn't just a job to me, it's my Life Mission!

My mission is to receive divine guidance so that I may guide you towards learning your spiritual lessons. When you understand your lessons you raise your vibration and you progress faster towards your dreams.

 VoyageLA:  What were you like growing up?

 Miss Mermaid:  Growing up, I was not the average child. I was extremely shy and other children thought I was strange so I preferred to be alone, preferably in nature. I loved to run into the forest and get myself lost on purpose, so I would have to find my way out. I loved the challenge of a real mystery. I was fascinated with mystical and spiritual wisdom but my High School's library was limited on these subjects so I rode my bike to all the surrounding libraries and book stores searching for the truth. It would have been much easier 

if we had the internet then!

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