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Spot on!!! Didn't ask me any questions. Just laid the cards out for a tarot reading and accurately told me where i was in this point in time. Gave me great advice from a place of love. If there us such a thing as the real deal, she is it!!! Amazing!!! Help others with

-G.M. Honolulu, Hawaii

This is the absolute best astrologer I have ever had, she put me on the right track to my life's purpose and she can always give me the absolute most accurate details when I need to be navigated through any of my life's challenges. She is highly intelligent and not to mention insightful as well as accurate. She is my go to therapist at all times. I highly recommend her if you need clarity and guidance.

-Kisha V. Atlanta, Georgia

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing an astrological reading with Sirena, and I must say that it was an absolutely transformative and enlightening experience. Sirena's expertise in astrology combined with her intuitive abilities created a session that exceeded all my expectations. From the moment I met Sirena, I felt a genuine warmth and compassion emanating from her. She immediately created a safe and comfortable space for me to share my thoughts, concerns, and aspirations. Sirena's ability to listen attentively and understand the nuances of my life allowed her to provide incredibly accurate and insightful interpretations of my birth chart. During the reading, Sirena skillfully analyzed the positions of the planets and their interactions, shedding light on various aspects of my life. Her interpretations were not only accurate and detailed but also delivered with a deep understanding of the complexities of human existence. Sirena's explanations helped me gain a profound understanding of my strengths, challenges, and life purpose, enabling me to make more informed decisions and navigate life with greater confidence. What truly sets Sirena apart is her remarkable ability to translate astrological knowledge into practical guidance. She provided me with valuable strategies and suggestions for personal growth, relationships, and career development, all rooted in the wisdom of the stars. Sirena's advice was not only insightful but also tailored to my unique circumstances, which made it even more valuable and applicable to my life. Throughout the session, Sirena demonstrated a deep passion for astrology and a genuine desire to help others. Her authenticity and sincerity shone through, making the experience feel personal and heartfelt. It was evident that Sirena genuinely cared about my well-being and was committed to empowering me to live a more fulfilling life. My astrological reading with Sirena was nothing short of extraordinary. Her profound knowledge of astrology, combined with her intuitive abilities and genuine compassion, created an experience that was both enlightening and empowering. I wholeheartedly recommend Sirena to anyone seeking guidance, clarity, and a deeper understanding of themselves and their life's journey. She truly is a gifted astrologer, and I am grateful for the transformative insights she provided me. ---Heru Modern Monk, Honolulu, Hawaii

I had the most enlightening and uplifting experience with Sirena during my recent visit for an astrology chart reading and tarot card session. Sirena's expertise truly shines through her insightful interpretations and intuitive guidance.
Firstly, her accuracy in analyzing my astrology chart was astounding. Sirena delved deep into the nuances of my birth chart, unraveling layers of my personality traits, strengths, and areas for growth with precision. She not only provided detailed explanations but also offered practical advice on how to navigate certain aspects of my life based on the astrological insights.
Furthermore, Sirena's tarot card reading was equally impressive. Her interpretations were profound and resonated deeply with me. I left the session feeling empowered and with a newfound clarity about the circumstances surrounding me.
Sirena's warm and compassionate demeanor made the entire experience truly uplifting. She created a welcoming atmosphere where I felt comfortable opening up about my concerns and aspirations. Sirena's genuine care and dedication to her craft are evident, and it's clear that she has a profound passion for helping others navigate life's journeys.

-Steve M. Honolulu, Hawaii

Sirena provided a virtual reading for our family as we are sheltering-in-place together during the COVID-19. Sirena did astrological charts for each of us in advance of the call that we had printed out. During the call she gave each of us individual readings. Sirena was very perceptive. The process was fun and engaging and it inspired a lot of deeper discussion between us that we would have had otherwise. Highly reccomended! Thank you Sirena!

-Kristy M. Los Angeles, California

100% would recommend. My experience yesterday was absolutely mind blowing. I must admit I was a little scared going into this but she was very open, personable and super easy to get along with. I am still processing all the little nuances about the reading of my birth chart because of how accurate it was. There were topics that I have suppressed in my past that she brought back up again. There were things I've always felt and knew about myself that I've shied away from but deep down I knew it's my truth that she brought to light. Idk I used to be a huge skeptic but now I embrace it. I need to re-evaluate everything I used to know.

-Megan P. Sacramento, California


Sirena was my first psychic healer experience. I'm an earthy Capricorn who normally likes to research everything before diving in. I wouldn't say skeptical but more of reasonable doubt. But, serendipitously fate brought us together at a company event and I received a quick tarot reading from Sirena that was so spot on, even down to the detail that I should be doing some sort of online education, which I had just signed up a day prior, that when she reached for her contact info to elaborate on helping me find my life's mission with my astrology chart that I quickly made an appointment for a week later. And without going into all the details...I am now taking the biggest LEAP of my entire life all to follow my life's mission of becoming a creative healer. Yes, meaning I am leaving my career of 13 years behind and just going for it! Meeting Sirena was all part of the plan. Thank you for showing me my path and guiding me in the direction of my life's mission!

-Isabella K. Los Angeles, California


I had such a great time with her! She had such a positive energy and I learned so much from her reading my tarot and talking to me about my astrological chart! Definitely recommend!

-Laurel T. Plano, Texas


Had a great reading with Sirena last weekend while visiting LA. She did both a star chart reading and a tarot reading that were pretty spot on, and gave me so much to think about. She was responsive and flexible in setting up the meeting time and place and I would recommend her to anyone!

-Christine M. Chicago, Illinois


Miss Mermaid gave me a truly insightful reading based on the current state of circumstances allowing me greater clarity on the path I'm on. She very accurately read, from loving place with in,  all of my previous circumstances and choices that brought me here. She helped me understand with simplicity, subjects I had struggled with for years. I'm ever grateful. I understand from a new perspective now how these messages are useful guide to my life forward. I highly recommend this. It's her heart that allows the truth to be revealed more clearly. Thanks again!

-Eva M. Omaha, Nebraska


Miss Mermaid, Sirena, speaks from the heart and beyond. I had my first reading with Sirena after having some relationships uncertainties, and she pointed me in the right direction with her tarot and astrology reading. It resonated and resonated deep. She has no context of my background, but her information, guidance and intuition was remarkably accurate. It's helping me heal and see the larger picture. Thank you, Sirena and looking forward to having you at our upcoming corporate event so you can continue to spread your light and insights.

-Lauren M. Los Angeles, California


Miss Mermaid has profound psychic abilities and I'm so glad to have received a magickal reading with her yesterday. I had not expected to receive such potent information regarding past lives and how the issues I'm experiencing in this life are helping me resolve very old patterns. Miss Mermaid is fun, creative, very knowledgeable and wise. She will not tell you what you think you want to hear, but she will give you confirmation of and insight into the sometimes difficult truths that your higher self knows. She is also gifted at confirming messages from Spirit that may be coming your way if you've been noticing omens. Particularly if you are feeling a big life transformation coming on or if you are in the thick of it already, I highly recommend a reading with Miss Mermaid. Her psychic gifts will provide you support and insight that comes from Spirit.

-Erika Z. Anaheim, California


From the moment my friend and I met her she was extremely personable and had a warm presence about her. My friend and I both had our birth read, and she was specific and accurate she also took her time to tie connections and figure out what it would/could mean. She was absolutely amazing, I would recommend her to anyone.

-Shawnna R. Newport Beach, California

This was an amazing experience!! it was crazy to hear all the things Sirena was telling me about the reasoning behind events happening in my life. I had these very noticeable gut feelings about needing change in my career and finding my strength and confidence but her tarot reading not only validated these unexplainable feelings, but helped me see an entirely new perspective on how I should approach changing my life for the better!! Also I learned a ton about myself, she's so perceptive! Thank you Sirena!!! will be returning to you for further advice :)

-Sara D. Redondo Beach, California


AMAZING! Changed my perspective on my career path and life and told me exactly what I needed to hear, all within 30 minutes of knowing her. Thank you so much!!

-Miranda R. Downey, California


Sirena was phenomenal! I reached out and let her know I'd only be visiting town shortly, and she was happy to accommodate me. The reading was unlike any I have experienced before- she began with a tarot reading, and finished with a complete analysis of my astrological natal chart. The insight she provided me with was invaluable as she focused on not only an imminent reading, but helping me understand greater purpose. It was an incredibly individualized, in depth reading, and she has incredible guidance to offer. I felt such warmth and personal care from Sirena, I can't recommend her enough!

-Natalya G. Chicago, Illinois


I highly recommend visiting Miss Mermaid! I have so much insight and clarity on my entire life mission and path ever since our meeting. It's super helpful that she broke down my astrological birth chart and since then I've never felt more wise and empowered!!

-J J. UC Campus Area, Berkeley, California


I had the most amazing spiritual soul session today that began with a tarot reading and ended with a tremendous life revelation. I went into the tarot reading seeking answer to a question that ended up being irrelevant because I was shown the universal meaning to how I was actually transitioning. Now I feel confident making life stage decisions that I have been holding off. I've never cried during a tarot reading before but this was so on point and more so she understood me as a soul truth/seeker which was so soothing and healing. She is a must meet and visit if you are ready for the TRUTH about what you are experiencing and where you should go from there!!!

-Sonni C. Los Angeles, California


I met Sirena/Miss Mermaid for the first time, at a friends' birthday celebration recently. She was giving readings to guests who seemed to be intrigued by what she had to say. Within barely a minute of my sitting down with her and her laying out cards for me, Sirena zeroed in on an issue that's been churning in the back of my mind for quite a while! She had some amazing and very specific insights/explanations of the cards' meanings. It was SOOO relevant to what's currently going on in my life, and in my thoughts! She explained my 'issue' and the 'solutions' in a clear, sensitive, and HUMOROUS way! I couldn't help but laugh at the accuracy of what she was saying and the way she said it. The universe often delivers us messages in surprising, unexpected ways. I'm glad I listened!

-Christine W. Santa Monica, California


We had Sirena at our party to do tarot readings. We thought it would be good fun, and it was, but we were blown away by how spot on her readings were.  Everyone loved it - and there was a line to get to see her all evening.  She was indefatigable and was engaged and engaging for 5 hours!  Really a kind, wonderful woman.

-Mary K. Los Angeles, California


The tarot reading from Sirena was spot on and her explanations were gently phrased. It is still a bit of a shock cause it fits my situation so strangely specific. As a relatively doubtful person, Sirena's reading was for sure very enlightening. I am still pondering and reflecting on the resulted lessons. She's super nice as well! And who wouldn't love having a reading done by a mermaid?!

-Annie S. Culver City, California


I had an amazing session with Miss Mermaid. She gave me a beautiful reading that affirmed the space I was in and the healing that needs to be done. It was accurate and very loving

-Sky H. Venice, California


Sirena was so amazing! I just had my chart read by her and it was so spot on! I was totally blown away. I got my chart read a week before and it was very accurate, only thing was that the girl that read it was my friend so I wanted to have someone else read it that I didn't know to compare. So I found Sirena on Yelp and met up with her.  She basically told me the same stuff and more! Her rates are very reasonable and she is super sweet and loves what she does so she will stay w you as long as you'd like and answer any questions you have. 

I highly recommend her. Next time I will try a tarot reading from her. :)

-Daisy E. Hermosa Beach, California


This review is LONG overdue, but it has been on my mind, for quite some time. Sirena is amazing and is very straightforward in her delivery. I will definitely reach out to her, again, and have told a lot of my friends about how great she is.

-Orey J. Oakland, California

I had the most Amazing experience with Sirena. She is a Healer, Astrologist, Tarot card reader, yoga instructor, artist, mermaid, earth goddess, amongst a ton of magical things. roommate gave me a tarot card reading a few months back, which brought me to such a deep place of realization and peace with my journey ahead. Two days ago I had the honor of having her read my Astrology chart!!!! And WOW It brought tears to my eyes on how dead on she was. I have never experienced such a eye opening realization about why and what my purpose here in this lifetime truly is...she was able to explain it to me in such a clear loving and truly compassionate way. She has so much passion and love for what she does and it truly shows through her work. She is a amazing beautiful goddess with a heart of Gold! I literally feel like I now understand so much more about myself through the reading she did for me. I am so greatfull, and excited for this path to unfold. Please check her out at also make sure you view her YouTube videos! It's a must! Just trust!!

-Emily S. Venice, California


Loved my reading with Sirena! She is an open honest and intuitive soul. She have merge at insight into my current job situation. I will definitely be back! Blessings Jill

-Jill P. Los Angeles, California


I got a reading very 'randomly' when I ran into my sweet friend and her lovely daughter in none other than the Venice Whole Foods parking lot! Sirena had lovely things to say in the reading, Angels channeling of course, that confirmed a lot of what my life is right now. I am so blessed to know her and anyone would be lucky to see her sparkle while she's channeling. A truly other dimensional experience!

-Carambar K. Venice, California


I had a wonderful reading, she is so kind, open, and helped answer all of my questions. I am so grateful to have met her, highly recommended!

-Niki C. Manhattan, New York


I've had multiple readings with Miss Mermaid and they have all been great!  We've covered my love life, physical health, career and more. She has helped confirm for me where I'm at and what's on the horizon.  Her take on astrology goes way beyond any chart reading I've ever had. The insight about the houses my planets are in and the influence of the less talked about elements really opened up my understanding of myself and astrology in general.  She helped explained the dynamics at play with my parents, my partner and how I relate to others in general. Super helpful and highly recommended!  Do yourself a favor and let Miss Mermaid help you.

-Zach W. Venice, California


I wish I could press seven stars! Miss Mermaid's energy is fantastic and the reading was amazingly insightful and accurate. I left the session with more knowledge and inspiration. I thank her for her guidance once again and can't wait for next reading! :)

-Daniel M. Venice, California


I was in a psychological drought over career decisions and toxic entanglements able to cast dark shadows over my soul. This amazing, intuitive healer calmly, assuredly, gave me back to myself. She quickly and gently put her finger on the essential issue that was holding me prisoner and the power I allowed certain people to have over me.  The spell was lifted. I felt like my spirit had a long pull from a tall glass of cold, refreshing Mountain spring water.  She HAS 'it'.  She IS  'it'.

-Dyan K. Santa Monica, California


Sirena was great and gave me a really insightful review.  I was a bit apprehensive but she really put me at ease, and the whole thing was very comfortable. She actually confirmed what a Buddhist nun told me in Thailand. It was really special.

-Mark S. Woodstock, Vermont


I had an incredible tarot card reading from Sirena last night. From the moment the first card was pulled I knew the universe was trying to speak to me through her. Everything I heard from her was just what I needed to hear to guide me along this next phase of growth. Thank you so much for your gift, Sirena.

-Alyssa B. Inglewood, California


Sirena is Amazing! I recommend her to everyone! She has a Beautiful spirit and pen points my life through tarot card readings 

-Leanne L. Compton, California


Sirena was absolutely amazing! My friends and I got a reading from her and it was so spot on. Her rates are great and she is sooooo sweet. It felt as if I've known her forever. I've never left a review on Yelp but her services were definitely worth review 

Thank you so much!

-Raveon W.Compton, California

I went to see Miss Mermaid on the advice of a friend. I was nearing the end of my studies and quite tied up in details - what I was going to do next, how to string what I was doing now together with the next stage of my life, how everything was going to pan out, how to get what I wanted and most crucially, how to find the love I'd been searching for for so long. What I wanted and recognised that I needed was a view of the bigger picture. I'm a yoga teacher and yet I'd tied myself up with worries! To see Sirena was amazing - she's a bundle of energetic life and love, truly welcoming and understanding. A great visionary. I had 3 hours with her while she read my birth chart and identified the rhythm of my life's journey. She pinpointed all the twists, turns and lessons that made perfect sense to me, and restored in me the reminder that what's happening is happening for great, great reasons. The most valuable gift she gave me was in noticing how I was searching for love outside myself and that in order to truly find love from another I had to keep creating it inside. Obvious stuff perhaps and yet the way she visualised it for me as part of the larger framework of my life - and the visualisation of my heart as a cup full of water that needs constant filling - has CHANGED EVERYTHING! Sirena worked magic by showing me what I was missing and since seeing her a few months ago I've been nurturing a really deep self love and have been watching all the good stuff roll in, including a new love. I've found myself able to give love away here, there and everywhere and to see it return to fill me up. I've never been able to do that freely in my life before! I've no doubt my new romantic love is attracted to my fullness, my sense of who I am at the centre of my life and the richness of a heart that doesn't need another to make it happy. Thank you Sirena for your bright light and love! Wondrous stuff!

-Eleanor G. Venice, California

Sirena is amazing! She originally did my birth chart and that was so insightful. She really helped me see my life gifts and challenges and clarified things for me. I went back to her again a few weeks later for a tarot reading and that was amazing too! She is so accurate and can read your exact situation and offers clear, concise guidance from the heart. She is super sweet and friendly too.

-E L. Pacific Palisades, California


I was blessed to get a reading by Sirena/Miss Mermaid. It could not have been a better time for me, a transitional period in my life, as well as, overwhelming period in my life. Without saying any of that to Sirena, she did a Tarot Reading and did my astrological charts, what a sweet healing angel she is. When i think back on the reading, I still get goose bumps, it was that good. The tarot reading which I had never done before was LITERALLY spot on with everything that is going on around me. It was amazing ! She was able to clearly communicate all that she was channeling to me in a clear, simple and heart felt way. 

Then the astrological reading just iced the cake for me, everything she told me about myself was spot on and hit home, another moment of intense goose bumps. I am still processing everything she said, It was the best thing that could have happened to me, and I am blessed that my angels guided me to her for she is utterly amazing. I am now less overwhelmed and flowing through my life with ease because I trust that my angels are looking over me and the universe supports me, I clearly needed that message. Thank you so much Sirena. I recommend this sweet angel to all:)

-Kerri V. Truckee, California


OMG! So I am in this situation, when I don't really know which way to go in my life at this moment, and I called the number from website and scheduled an appointment with the Mermaid and boy I flow! It is really the card reading was exactly what I felt and it showed, where I am stuck and gave me a direction about what to do next...thank you!

-Michaela M. Venice, California


I just had an amazing tarot reading with The Mermaid. I had gotten up this morning and gone out to do some writing I am working on for a memoir. My writing session was profound in that I had a big break-through and all sorts of truth poured out of me onto the page. Really great narrative type truth that pulls together and gives meaning to the whole story. A few hours later I just spontaneously asked Mermaid, for an unplanned reading. What was unusual is that we had very little interaction, I actually didn't even touch the cards or ask a question as she was called to immediately throw down. She knew nothing whatsoever about my morning but the entire reading was a further confirmation and clarification on exactly what I had discovered this morning in my private writing session. She might as well have been reading what I wrote this morning back to me. Then the reading went further, in that the cards, pulled everything together into a bigger interpretation that was as clear, useful and truthful as can be, accompanied by a strong and precise call to action, what to let go of, and further encouragement to act very strongly on what I had discovered. Clearly there are transpersonal forces ( just saw Star Wars!) at play when she reads!

-Lisa F. Venice, California


Very intuitive and spot on. She helped me overcome and face a mental block that I had with her tarot reading and everything she said materialized what I had been thinking. The cards also said to keep on the path that I was going on and it was like a confirmation that I was really fulfilling my true purpose and I was creating something meaningful and powerful. I would recommend her to anyone who needs to become their greatest version. She is a very open, accepting, and empathetic person

-Ava K. Newbury Park, California


Amazing reading...right on the mark...Sirena shares her wisdom and insights directly and with love and laughter.  What she offers is a gift and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants a meaningful reading delivered in a down to earth way.  I feel my life makes more sense and I am clear what I need to do. Thank you Sirena!

-Tracy W. Venice, California

I had a wonderful connected experiece with Sirena....

She is sincere and has a gift for healing.

Feel grateful to have met her.

-Russ B. Los Angeles, California


Miss Mermaid is AMAZING- a generous, vibrant spirit with the gift of intuitive guidance. When she read tarot cards for me, her advice was poignant & insightful and delivered in a nurturing, caring way, with a lightness of being and a great sense of humor. She definitely tapped into my potentials and blocked energies.

I'm new to LA. I'm so happy I encountered Miss Mermaid. It helps me to see I'm in the right place. xo

-Jenny Electrik, Venice, California


Sirena gave me a reading which reinforced my plans. She was spot on with the things that are happening right now in my life and gave me some great advice on how to let go of the blocks that I have.

I would recommend her to anyone who is open to having the truth laid out.

-Paul M. Los Angeles, California


I feel beyond enlightened after my reading. Sirena is very "tuned" into the vibrations of spirit and her explanations were easy to understand and grasp.

-Blek G. Los Angeles, California

"I've always been skeptical of readings, but I sat down with Sirena because I trust her as a friend. To my surprise, every card she turned over was not only relevant to my current situation, but seemed to be nudging me in a direction of which I was previously unsure... Especially when the shadow archetype showed himself, which happens to be the topic of my Thesis. This girl has a gift, trust."

-Marcus Abernathy, Flagstaff, Arizona

"I had one of my most profound awakenings through an astrological and tarot card reading with Sirena. I came away completely clear about my purpose. All of the pieces of the puzzle came together in a perfectly understandable, incredibly accurate and astounding revelation." 

-Lisa Ferguson, New York, New York

"I've had psychic readings before, but none seemed relevant to my life. Sirena was right on point. Everything she told me was significant and poignant to my current situation. She is now my psychic advisor." ​

-Robert Israel, Venice, California

"For the past ten years of my life, I've been in and out of medical hospitals and treatment facilities battling my eating disorder and severe depression. Countless relapses and continued destructive behavior left me feeling hopeless and uninspired. Although the treatment I received in the hospital was needed to stabilize me medically, I had a significant void in therapeutic healing. It wasn't until I met Sirena in the summer of 2014, that I was able to identify and nurture those broken parts of me that wanted to heal so badly. Sirena instilled beautiful awareness into my life. Through her support and wisdom, I was able to see my pain from another perspective and move forward with healthy intentions for my life and future. From issues of self worth to intimate relationships, she guided me through my most aching moments. With the help of Sirena my confusion and pain oscillated into a gentle understanding. For this, I am forever grateful."​ 

-Kristen Duffy, Los Angeles, California

This was extremely empowering for me to know about my past life and to know where going. Sirena explained my chart in a way that I could really understand to get the breakthrough I needed to feel unstuck...Now I can plan my future and make the plans I need to make to move forward in everything in my life...This was life changing and soul relieving. I 💯% recommend her for insights into why you are here your life purpose!!!....What else can I say?..Especially if you are a healer....

-Kisha Vega, Phoenix, Arizona

My Husband and I got a reading from Miss Mermaid last week and it was life changing for both of us. Her ability to use her gift and share with others is amazing. She really helped us see things we needed to see and confirm things we already believed. We walked away from our reading new people. We hope to see her again next time we are in California!

-Caroline Pruce

She was an absolute delight and I felt like I could trust her reading and she offered clear insight about my future goals.

-Noel O, Los Angeles, California

She made me speechless and I talk all the time!

It was all true as I listened with my mouth open.

I was actually skeptical at first, but then I wanted to hear more!

-Michaela Mokrosova, Bohemia, Czech Republic

It made me feel so good to see the cards!

The way you listen and work with the Angels is pure magic!

-Taryn, Fairbanks, Alaska

I made an appointment with Miss Mermaid for answers about my relationship, but i got so much more.

-Vee E. Los Angeles, California

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