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Pesto Pasta italiano!

Gluten free spagetthi pasta I like Lentil Pasta because it doesn't get mushy like Rice Pasta. It's hard to ruin lentil pasta and red lentils are really good for you too.

*You can use zucchini spiraled with a spiralizer instead of pasta.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

*Kalamata olives sliced

Fresh Basil chopped

*Cherry tomatoes quartered

fresh raw garlic cloves finely chopped

*yellow onion (for cooked version)

*mushrooms saute separately in coconut oil

raw cashew butter or raw almond butter or Tahini (ground sesame seeds)

sea salt or himalayan sea salt

*cayenne/red chili to taste

*Lime or Lemon juice

This recipe may be done completely raw without any cooking, using only the spiraled zucchini "noodles." 

For pasta, fill a large pot full of water and bring it to a boil. To boil gluten free spaghetti you usually need lots of water so it doesn't clump, but red lentil spaghetti won't clumb. You may add about a teaspoon of salt to the water, but it's not crucial.

While the water is boiling chop and slice the above ingredients. If you prefer your onions raw, use a red onion. If you want carmelized onions stir fry the yellow onion in a very small amount of coconut oil - about a 1/2 tsp. You may like to add the garlic or keep the garlic raw (raw has way more healing properties) When your water comes to a boiluse your hands to break the spaghetti noodles in two and add to the boiling water. Stir occasionally to prevent clumping - a fork works well for this.

Test one of the spaghetti noodles when they look done. You can also bite it and look at the center of the noodle to see if it has cooked all the way through. They want to be firm, cooked, and not mushy! Strain the noodles well. If the water is cloudy and the noodles are mushy run water over them to get the glue off and strain.

Add the noodles to the pan of onions and quickly stir fry then add the veggies and quickly flip and turn veggies, just for a few seconds. Take off the flame and drizzle with olive oil, sea salt to taste and maybe just a pinch of *cayenne or *oregano if you like. *Stir in nut butter if you want a cheesy creamy texture (without the real cheese barn yard note). 


No Guilt Tahini Dressing & Dip

1-2 TBS Coconut Aminos 

1-2 TBS tahini

As a Dressing add Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Water. This tastes good on everything but here are my favorites:

spinach leaves, dandelion greens, radish greens + radish roots, steamed beets, grated carrot, sprouts, avocado, pomegranate seeds, tangerine slices, olives, hemp seeds (very high in protein) mango, artichoke hearts, asparagus, kale, strawberries, red onion, jicama, apple, garlic...


Honey Mustard Dressing & Dip

1 TBS Raw Organic Honey (I like Trader Joe's)

2-3 TBS of your favorite mustard sauce variety

(I like "Sprouts Ground Mustard")

1 TBS Lime or Lemon juice *optional

For dressing add olive oil and water

kale wraps.JPG

Ava's Rome Wraps

Dino Kale

Sliced Tomato


Baba Ghanoush (an amazing dip made from oven roasted or smoked eggplants aka: aubergines or melanzane) Available at Whole Foods Market and Gourmet Markets.

optional olive oil drizzled on top

*cayenne sprinkles


Fenugreek Sprouts 

Sprouts can be made from many types of seeds and legumes.

My favorite is fenugreek. The taste is like bitter maple syrup and after eating them

regularly, you will begin to smell sweet like maple syrup!

The best place to find these is in an indian market's spice section. ("Samosa House," LA)

There are a million YouTube videos on how to sprout.

I use a stainless steel steamer, pot and lid. (no plastic)

A large round stainless steel strainer works too.

1. Soak in a pot of water, lid on, in a very dark place for 12hrs = overnight

You can also put a dark towel over the top.

2. 3 times daily: Rinse well, change the water, and leave in the strainer or steamer 

in a very dark place. Never let them sit in water to mold! (I put them under my bed)

3. The sprouts are done and ready to eat when they have grown a 1/2" sprout.

Add to salads, wraps, soups or eat by the handful. They're more nutritious raw.

Learn more here:


Strong Sweet Detox Tea

1-3 or more TBS fresh ginger finely grated (ginger is a good source of zinc)

You may also add ginger & turmeric and blend them in the blender with the water and then heat up on the stove top.

*Maybe add a tea bag of hibiscus or linden flower (great antioxidant). Boil, steep, strain and add coconut cream and raw organic honey or stevia to taste.

For a creamy taste you can also blend in some nuts, or Hemp seeds


Jackfruit Seeds Tranquillo

Boil the seeds from a jackfruit for an hour.

Peel the skin off and season. I tossed them in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then added sea salt, smoked paprika, chopped fresh basil and sprinkled fennel seeds on top.

As a psychic,

I'm led by Spirit to the very best!

Here are some great ideas & products

veggie wraps.JPG

Veggie Love Wraps

Rice Wraps ("Vietnamese Rice Wraps)

I feel that as long as you include avocado, you may use any combination of vegetables. Here are my favorites: Carrot (use a peeler), jicama (julienned: french cut long like matchsticks), spinach leaves, red cabbage, red onion, radish, coconut, mango, and all types of greens.


Hummus Protein for the Planet

1/2 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil or less and add water 

2 TBS Tahini (ground sesame seeds - the highest vegan source of zinc)

2 tsp lemon juice or lime juice

3/4 tsp sea salt

1/4 tsp cumin powder

*1 tsp red chili powder

1 can BPA free garbanzo beans

*1-3 or more garlic cloves

1/3 cup of water 

Add all to blender except beans. At highest setting drop in the beans *add more water if needed. Hummus is awesome with kale, chard, spinach, broccoli, and steamed beets...

veggie wraps.JPG

Hot Sweet & Sour Dressing & Dip

1 TBS Lime or Lemon juice

1 TBS Raw Organic Honey

1 tsp Hot Chili Sauce - to taste

1/8 tsp Toasted Sesame Oil (use sparingly)

1-2 TBS Coconut Aminos (Soy Sauce Alternative see "Coconut Secret" below

"Teriyaki Sauce" is my favorite)

Freshly grated ginger or powdered - to taste

sea salt - to taste.

For dressing add olive oil and water


Sweet Potato Revolution

First, you ideally have a non-reactive stainless steal roasting pan (non-stick is unhealthy, it kills canary birds)

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Cut up some nice long sweet potato wedges (julienned: french cut long like matchsticks) I find a cleaver is easier to use. Heat a few tablespoons of coconut oil then coat the fries liberally. Place the frys on the grate so the excess oil drips off

(if you don't have a grate the frys will turn into mush). Sprinkle with sea salt and bake for 45 minutes. When the frys are done slather them in the bottom of the pan in the coconut oil.

optional: add "Pumpkin Pie Spices" from Trader Joes for a spicey taste. Top with more sea salt if needed. mmmmm So good!

Detox Salad copy.jpg

Nori Roll Energizers

Nori Roasted Seaweed Sheets ("yaki nori" is a nice thick brand) Instead of Rice you can use Steamed Mashed Potatoes & Sea Salt or make Purple Potato Salad (recipe above)

(potatoes are a great foundational carb for vegan meals and so are bananas) Avocado slices (great for raising testosterone) Grated Carrot and Fresh Ginger. This tastes good with the Tahini dip (recipe at top)

peanut sauce.JPG

Peanut Sauce - No More Fowl Play Satay

I've been to many restaurants where the peanut sauce was totally lame. The best one I ever had was in San Francisco and I've been trying to copy it ever since! Well I think I've got it here:

Use equal parts fresh Garlic & Ginger

minced 3TBS each

1 LIme

1/4 tsp-1/2 tsp Red Chili Pepper or Cayenne Powder

3 heaping TBS Raw Organic Honey

1/4 Cup of Peanut Butter

(I like Whole Foods Organic Creamy because the only ingredient is peanuts)

3-4 TBS Coconut Aminos Teriyaki flavor

I love "Coconut Secret" pictured above.

Add water to thin down the sauce and store in the refrigerator.

Rice Wraps ("Vietnamese Rice Wraps) Asian stores carry GMO Free & Gluten Free at a much better price than what you will find at a health food store.

Stuff with any vegetable you like. This sauce is so tasty, you can add the most knarly ass vegetables on Earth! So go for the ridiculously healthy Mustard greens, Dandelion Greens, Arugala, radish greens, or Kale. Avocado always tastes good but it's not necessary here. Here are some of my favorites: Carrot (use a peeler, or shred), jicama (julienned: french cut long like matchsticks), spinach leaves, red cabbage thinly sliced, red onion, radish, coconut, mango, raisins, strawberries...

vegan shwarma.jpg

Higher Consciousness Shawarma Veggies

1 cup of rice (cook 1 part rice to 2 parts water)

3 or more red peppers, orange or yellow

3 or more baskets of white button mushrooms

2-3 TBS tahini

a few TBS coconut cream or almond milk (something to soften the tahini if needed)

1 onion

*fresh garlic sea salt to taste

organic virgin coconut oil (frying olive oil ruins it but coconut oil is okay heated)

shawarma seasoning (found in middle eastern or kosher markets)

First cook the cup of rice in 2 cups of water - boil - then simmer till water is gone and rice is fluffy not soggy. 

Fry red peppers in a few tablespoons of coconut oil till blackened.

Stir in salt and shawarma seasoning to taste and set aside in a separate bowl.

Repeat with the mushrooms. Now you have a rich sauce in your pan

in which you add your sliced onions to fry till caramelized.

Scoop out a few TBS of tahini in a new bowl and mix with "coconut cream" or almond milk till creamy enough to mix into the rice.

Add some shawarma seasoning to the rice to taste.

*Add 1/2 tsp "Coconut Secret" Coconut Aminos Teriyaki Sauce

Decorate the rice dish with your toppings.

*add nuts, seeds, sun dried tomatoes, avocado, lots of possibilities!


Sweet Soulful Oatmeal

1 cup of Gluten Free Oatmeal (Trader Joe's is the best deal)

2 cups water

boil, reduce heat, simmer to your favorite consistency

stir in lots of cinnamon & a little bit of nutmeg

top with "coconut creme" (empty can into a separate bowl and mix with raw honey or stevia till creamy

(coconut creme tastes way better than dairy creme, its way better for you and no one suffered!

"Thai Kitchen" brand is great. Trader Joe's brand is totally gross!)

add *raisins, *bananas, *wild blueberries, *strawberries... You can also cook some grated ginger in to add more value for your body.

potato salad.jpg
purple potato.JPG

Purple Potato Power

1 lb - 1 1/2 lbs. steamed or baked or nuked purple potatoes or "Idaho Gold" potatoes

1/2 cup red onion

*1-3 or more garlic cloves (optional)

1 fresh italian parsley finely chopped

a few tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 TBS lime or lemon juice, *add 1.5 TBS raw honey if its too sour.

*1-2 TBS turmeric powder (optional antioxidant & anti-inflammitory)

*1-2 tsp red chili powder (skip if you have digestive tract issues)

Sea salt - to taste 


Black Bean & Chickpea Salad

1 BPA free can of Black Beans

1 BPA free can of Chickpeas (aka: Garbanzo Beans, Egyptian Pea, Chana, Chi Chi...)

1 Celery stalk chopped

1/2 Cup Red Onion or a medium sized onion

4 garlic cloves minced or chopped finely

1 head of parsley chopped finely ( I take the whole thing, stems and all, and chop it)

1/2 Cup of extra virgin olive oil

1 juiced lemon

1.5 TBS of raw honey (mix it with the lemon and or olive oil to thin it out)

*fenugreek sprouts (a natural probiotic that is much better than a pill and less $)

himalayan salt to taste

This is more amazing if its allowed to marinate over night!

(This used to be "3 bean salad" till I realized that kidney beans gave me and

many others unexplained muscle aches! Stabbing pain, especially in my shoulders!)

chocolate mousse.JPG

Cruelty Free Cacao Mousse 

1/4 of an avocado

1 heaping TBS Raw Organic Honey

1 heaping TBS Cacao Powder

optional strawberries for dipping


Greens for a Lighter Soul

Saute in a large pot: 1/2 cup onion

2 -3 garlic cloves (garlic spikes testosterone!)

2 heaping TBS Coconut Oil 

Mix in a separate bowl the following, then add to the pot, cover & stir occasionally

to keep mixture from sticking to the bottom. It's best to use a nonreactive

stainless steel spatula and pot since plastics contain nasty estrogens!

Add 1/4 cup water

pinch of Smoked Salt (available at Whole Foods - optional - Sea Salt is fine too)

1 tsp hot chili pepper powder or flakes (*add more to taste)

1/2 rounded tsp "Coconut Secret" Coconut Aminos Teriyaki Sauce

1 bunch Chard or 1 large bunch of Spinach 

cook till soft yet still bright green. (some like it cooked much longer)

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