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Want to give someone the very best gift ever?

Give them their Life Mission reading so they know what they're here to GIVE so they can RECEIVE!

Maybe they know their Life Mission and they need clarity, direction, and Spiritual understanding, or just to feel good! The Tarot is the best place to go!

Help your friends and family and they'll never forget such a caring present.

First: Text me and tell me that you would like a
Gift Certificate. All I need is their name so I can

add it to my Gift Certificate List.

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Then Venmo, PayPal, or

Zelle is my favorite! - it's free!

1. Simply sign on to your Bank App

2. Select Zelle

3. Select Send

4. Select Recipient (email:

5. Enter Amount ($77tarot, $127astrology, or $177both)

6. Select Review

7. Select Send

After payment, I will send you a cool graphic that you can print out and make into a card to give them in person, or you can post it on social  media, or you can text or email it to them, however you would like.

The card has my website address where they make an appointment for free - no money down - or they can send me a text if technology is not their thing.

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