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Are you done feeling like a slave on the hamster wheel? Done working hard for someone else's dreams?

When you were born, the stars, planets, and asteroids were aligned perfectly to create You and your unique Life Mission! When you start doing what you came here to do - you will never be happier, or make more money! That's because the Universe has your back!

Working hard, but not getting what you really want?

Warning! It's very possible to get caught up doing your Last Life's Mission! Oh no! That's because you're already really good at it, but you will never reach your true potential and feel fulfilled until you're doing this life's Life Mission.

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Okay, I'm ready to get this party started!

Great! First, When you book your appointment you will need to fill in your birth information to create an astrology chart, which I'll send you right before our meeting.

I will need your exact time of birth, usually on your birth certificate, your date of birth, and the location of your birth.

You can pay later. Life Mission Astrology Reading $127

(You may Venmo or PayPal me right before or after your reading)

If you want a vision board, please tell me before the reading so I can take really good notes.

When I'm done creating your Vision Board, I'll send you a computer file to give to FedX, and they have a service where you can blow it up on a big canvas to hang on your wall, or a smaller piece if you rather. There are also many other services that you can use over the internet to blow it up on your mug, a shirt, a bag, or whatever you want. You can also use it as a screen saver.

I personally have manifested dreams using a screen saver, so be careful of what images you have there!

I create this from our reading together. I only read charts together via Zoom, by phone, or in-person (I'm in Waikiki), because a lot of what I'm translating is actually channeled information that I can't simply duplicate, or remember, which is why I highly recommend recording it or taking good notes.  

(I don't do email readings)


I'm very conscientious about my work and so I can only give you my very Best. Please don't ask for anything less.

Astrology Life Mission Reading: $127

Life Mission Art: $127

Total: $254

"Life has dreamed a dream for you, and your goal, your number one job is to figure out what that dream is, and align yourself with the dream, because the dream cannot come to you unless you’re willing to meet it energetically in the same place. So if your energy is off, if you are not in flow with God’s dream for you, if you are out of order, if you are out of sync, it cannot come to you. It will not come, because the whole purpose of your life, is to line yourself up with the purpose, and so if you are operating in fear, if you are operating in jealousy, jealousy will kill you. When you are synced up with life, life just gives to you, it opens doors, creates experiences, allows you to meet people. Things show up, you never thought were gonna show up, and you are doing what is the purpose of your soul being."


Why are my relationships not working?

High on a mountain top in Greece there is a temple where many people used to visit the oracle to gain clarity. There, it stands today inscribed into stone: "Know Thyself." If you make the changes in your life to evolve into your TRUE self, you will then attract everything that is meant for you like a magnet.

Want your dreams to come true even faster?
Your "Life Mission Vision Board" helps you to manifest your greatest wishes into existence! It works by literally helping you to focus, create changes, and align yourself to your true self.

Positive energy, passion, and Love raise your vibration to create miracles!

2 Courtney Life Mission Art.png

During a Life Mission Astrology reading there is

a lot to take in! 

I recommend taking good notes and/or recording

our session with Zoom.

Hanging Art:

First, find where you would like to hang it. Galleries hang art so that the center of the art lines up with your eyes. (which changes depending on your height)

Next, with a pencil, mark on the wall the centered top part of the frame. Next, (a tape measure is the easiest because you can literally hook the wire) Measure the distance between the top centered edge of the frame to the point of where the wire hanger is stretched out, to hang on the wall. Then, go back to your pencil mark on the wall  and mark your new measurement on the wall below the first mark. That's where you nail the hook.

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