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Want your dreams to come true even faster?
Your astrology chart can help you to focus on your Life Mission.


First, you get an astrology reading, then I use your chart to emphasize the most important features of your chart that you need to focus on.

The collage acts like a "Dream Board" or a "Vision Board," reminding you to stay focused on your Life Mission

so you can manifest your dreams!

It also looks really cool over your sofa, bed, desk, or wherever

you'll see it everyday for inspirational energy.


I give you a computer file to give to FedX, and they have a service where you can blow it up on a big canvas to hang on your wall.

Art $127.

What if I forgot what this all means?

Good question! You simply find one of the aspects in your chart and you google it. For example:

"A big white dove, a messenger"

-more to come later...