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How much is a consultation? 

Tarot $77 1-2hrs.

Astrology $127 flat rate

Both Tarot & a Life Mission reading for a discount $177


How can I pay you?

Cash or Zelle is the BEST! 

Zell is Free! on your Bank App. 

Venmo or PayPal accepted.

Are Zoom readings accurate?

Yes, I've read for clients globally and they're just as accurate as in-person readings. Spirit Energy, Intension is far more powerful than the physical world.

Are you available for WhatsApp,

Zoom, Facebook, Signal meetings?

Do I need an Astrology Reading?

The first question to ask yourself is, "Do I LOVE my career or job?" If the answer is an enthusiastic YES!

then your foundation is great. If you answered No, then You need to know your Life Mission ASAP because If you don't know what you're here to GIVE, you can't ever RECEIVE what you really want in your life, and that includes the Best Relationships!

Statistically, most people don't like their jobs and it's because they don't know their Life Mission. Once you know your Life Mission, which is Your highest energetically charged direction, you can start building your life from a solid Foundation of Love without any cracks! Your Life Mission is your foundational energy to attract everything you want in your life, including the best relationships! If this makes no sense to you, try a Google search: "Law of Attraction"

Do I need a Tarot Reading/Consultation?

Generally, the tarot reads energy, and so it's best for answering all other questions. Honestly, everyone could use a tarot reading on most days because we all are constantly learning Spiritual Lessons. If I'm personally going through a difficult time, I'll read for myself everyday! So, when you ask the Universe,

"OMG, What's Happening to meeeeeee?"
The tarot is great for giving you 
the answers. The spiritual perspective, gives us clarity, direction, validation, destiny, or it may show you where you must use your will to empower yourself instead of waiting for destiny to happen. We all have a certain amount of Destiny - shown in our astrology chart. We also have a certain amount of Will too - the Will to empower ourselves = WILLPOWER!

A "fortune Teller," TELLs you what is most likely going to happen to you, but a Spiritual Empowerment Coach, or a "Spirit Healer" is able to ADVISE you on how you can best improve your energy so you can experience better feeling outcomes, with the least amount of suffering, and experience your highest potential! Now wouldn't that feel the best?

Can you tell me my future?

This is actually a very good question that will have all astrologers, psychic tarot readers, and psychic mediums up all night philosophizing. How much destiny do we have? How much free will do we have? From what I've observed, we have both, and in different quantities, which may be seen as our potential in our astrology charts. Some people take on less responsibility and they float through life, mainly ruled by destiny. While some of us take on more responsible roles, such as leadership or teaching, that require higher vibrational spiritual knowledge such as creativity, compassion, integrity, faith, and trust, using our will to empower ourselves = WILLPOWER. However, there may be people who have good karma from past lives, but when they experience this life, they may regress from bad choices. Either way, The tarot is a great measure of energy and can tell you the direction that you're currently headed towards, the future, but you may or may not have the full potential to change that direction because of destiny and/or karma. 

Can you do Emergency Readings?

I like to keep myself available for emergency readings - since I know very well, how it feels to be in pain!
The best healers have experienced a lot of pain, which teaches us how to get out of pain, so we're good at it!

Text me, and I'll try to squeeze you in. Texting is the best way to reach me! I never look at my phone messages and rarely have time to look at my emails. I'm grateful to be very busy!

Frequently Asked Questions

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