How much is a consultation? 

Tarot $77 

Astrology $127

Both $177

(discount of $27 for both. Pay Venmo or PayPal later)

Are Zoom readings accurate?

Yes, I've read for clients globally and they're just as accurate as in-person readings. Spirit Energy, Intension is far more powerful than the physical world.

Are you available for WhatsApp, or Zoom meetings?

Yes, Zoom is working the very best at the moment.WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are working okay. Right now, I'm in Hawaii, so I'm available for in-person readings here in Honolulu or Waikiki, Oahu.

How can I pay you?

I Love cash for in-person readings. I accept Venmo & PayPal for virtual meetings.

Do I need Astrology?

Generally, Astrology is best for career questions, but 

most people don't know their Life Mission and this is the foundation

for everything in your Life! So, If you're not moving towards your dreams, you're most likely lost. Astrology is great for looking at your Big Picture, your Life Story,
and getting it all together! If you don't know what you're here to GIVE, you can't ever RECEIVE what you really want!


Do I need a Tarot Reading/Consultation?

Generally, the tarot reads energy, and so it's best for answering Relationship questions.

Honestly, everyone could use a tarot reading on most days because we all are constantly learning spiritual lessons. I read for myself everyday! So, when you say,"Whats Happening to me?"
The tarot is great for giving you 
the answers, the spiritual perspective, which gives you: clarity, direction, validation, destiny, or it may show you where you must use your will to empower yourself instead of waiting for destiny to happen. You have a certain amount of Destiny - shown in your astrology chart, but you also have Will to empower yourself = willpower. A "fortune Teller," TELLs you what is most likely going to happen, but a Spiritual Empowerment Coach is able to advise you on how you can improve your energy so you can experience better or awesome outcomes!

Can you tell me my future?

This is actually a very good question that will have all astrologers, psychic tarot readers, and psychic mediums up all night philosophizing. How much destiny do we have? How much free will do we have? From what I've observed, we have both and in different quantities, which may be seen as our potential in our astrology charts. Some people take on less responsibility and they float through life, mainly ruled by destiny. While some of us take on more responsible roles, such as leadership or teaching, that require creativity, compassion, integrity, faith, and trust, using our will to empower ourselves = WILLPOWER. The tarot is a great measure of energy and can tell you the direction that you're currently headed towards, the future, but you may or may not have the full potential to change that direction.

Are you available for Emergency Readings?

I like to keep myself available for emergency readings - since I know very well, how it feels to be in pain! (the best healers have experienced a lot of pain, which teaches us how to get out of pain).
FIRST, check out my calendar on my 
"Book Now" button below.
If that doesn't work, then text me and I'll try to squeeze you in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hotchkiss Park.jpg

Hotchkiss Park, Santa Monica

Beautiful, quiet and the most private place here. Free street parking & metered parking. Just up the hill from Main Street.

Screen Shot 2020-03-03 at 6.35.03 PM.png

Fairmont Hotel Lobby

101 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90401

When it's late at night and you need a reading, this is my go to place.

erewhon market.PNG

Erewhon Market

585 Venice Boulevard, Venice. Free street parking & metered parking. Nice garden area

Santa Monica Place

395 Santa Monica Place Mall

Roof Food Court at Broadway & Colorado between 2nd & 4th streets.

Free parking garage for the 1st hour. Exit 10 fwy on 4th Street. Easiest parking in Santa Monica



514 Palisades Dr Pacific Palisades, 90272

Free parking lot, free street parking, relatively private - usually hardly any people. Beautiful location just up the street from the Lake Shrine off Sunset Blvd & PCH

When I'm in LA

My Favorite Meeting Places

are on the Westside


Hotel Erwin "High" rooftop lounge

1697 Pacific Avenue, Venice 90291

A gorgeous view of the coast. Free street parking if you're willing to walk a few blocks. Private during the week but very crowded on the weekends


Samosa House

2301 Main St, Santa Monica

Awesome Indian food - very inexpensive

City Parking lot between Neilson & Main Free street parking & metered parking.



4724 1/2 Admiralty Way,

Marina del Rey 90292 Free large parking lot in the Waterside Mall between Mindanao Way & Fiji Way. Admiralty Way is West of Lincoln Blvd. Nice outside courtyard.


Cafe Gratitude

512 Rose Ave Venice 90291

Free street parking & metered parking.

Validated parking underground garage ~ entrance is on the West side of the restaurant. Amazing vegan & gluten free! Nicest and most expensive place listed here, but the vegan pesto pasta is worth it!



6150 Slauson Ave., Culver City, 90230

Free huge parking lot at the Fox Hills Westfield Mall. Lots of seating inside & outside.


Thai Vegan

2400 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405

This is a hole in the wall but the amazing food is worth it. Free & metered sparking. City lot between Neilson and Main Street.


Roxbury Community Center

471 S Roxbury Dr, Beverly Hills, 90212

Huge park, Free street & metered parking. 

urth caffe.PNG

Urth Caffe

2327 Main Street, Santa Monica. City Lot between Main Street & Neilson Way.

Really nice garden area in the back.

Whole Foods, Venice

Whole Foods Market

225 Lincoln Blvd, Venice. (on the corner of Lincoln & Rose) Free parking lot & healthy.



530 N Sepulveda Blvd, El Segundo, CA 90245 This Starbucks is in a mall so parking is free. They're open 24 hours. Nice inside and out. Very close to LAX.

Rose Cafe.jpg

Rose Cafe

220 Rose Avenue, Venice. Free street parking & metered parking. Garden area in back.