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"Be the Change we wish to see."

Updated: Sep 28, 2019

Back in Gandhi’s day, it was the domination of India by England, which turned most of the indian people into slave laborers. Today, we have the one percent of America doing just about the same thing to the average American, driving many to homelessness everyday.

Right now, we are watching the orchestrated sickness of fear and hatred spread across our country. Right now, it is the agenda of the one percent, to lead us by fear (as it has for a very long time). It is part of their agenda, to have us believe that we need to tear each other apart like rats in a cage, competing against each other, instead of using our power of the people! Working from within their shell takes too long and we don't have that kind of time. We need to break out!

Now, is the best time for us to ponder - How can we use the desire to “be the change” in service of strategic action? This is a great question because it forces us to dig deep into our values and to perhaps, reassess them. Right now, so many people are working like slaves to sustain their materialistic attachments, yet most people are still living at poverty levels in America. Statistically, most people hate their jobs and suicide is at an all time high! Why are most people on this hamster wheel? They keep on running to sustain their current values, the traditional "standard of living." If we all came together and refused to get back on the hamster wheel, the system would have to change too, since it would no longer be supported. The power of the people can cause revolution!

I prefer radical change. Why? Because it’s like breaking up with an abusive boyfriend or a husband. You know you’re going to feel much better faster if you “just do it,” you’re just fearing the change!

Internationally, we are looking to the United Nations, our governments, and big businesses to create change for us, like big daddy, but we're looking in the wrong direction! They are the ones who orchestrated this mess in the first place! They are the 1% making all the money and they prefer to stay in their illusion. They deny the need for change of their values which have been the primary cause of massive catastrophic destruction of our planet. Instead, we need to look not outside of ourselves for answers, but from within. "How can I be the change that I wish to see?" If each one of us asked ourselves this question and acted upon it, we could all create massive change in the earth's atmosphere tomorrow.

Every single day as a vegan, you have the power to withhold 20 pounds of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. As a vegan, you can save daily: 30 square feet of forest, 1,100 gallons of water, 40 pounds of grain, and 1 animal life. What have you saved for our children so far? Here is the "Vegan Calculator" link: Going vegan, is boycotting the livestock and dairy industries, the largest contributors to global warming. You can't call yourself an environmentalist unless you're a vegan.

Right now, the Amazon Rainforest is being set on fire to make more room for more cattle to feed meat eaters. Most of our oxygen that we breathe everyday to keep us alive, comes from the Amazon Rainforest, so it's not a problem far away in South America, it's the air you breathe every second to keep yourself alive. Why is global warming a problem? The plants we eat to keep us alive need to grow and stay alive. Even meat eaters need plants because the animals they eat, need plants to survive. Plants can't grow anymore with increased global warming! This is why everyone needs to be the change now or we will all die! We don't have a planet B.

What else can you do? Boycott other big businesses that don't support the environment. If they don't have customers they can't continue to kill the planet right? Aim for "Zero Waste."

If we create change, the larger question will be; How to restore order? I feel that the buddhists have it right in pursuit of the “middle road” when faced with opposite extremes. Communes and model societies are great, but they need law and order to survive peacefully. Anarchy doesn’t work yet because people are at different consciousness levels and many are at the animal level so symbiotic relationships are impossible. The best case scenario would be utopian societies that rely on higher consciousness, self government, and independence without the need for government, law or police. Obviously, we’re far from that possibility for a great long while. I believe it will happen one day but it’s more of an inside job though, within each one of us, a pursuit of higher consciousness.

From the larger perspective, back in the 60’s, we saw the stark contrast between the flower children and “the man.” If we look at today, we still see the same contrast. Time will only tell how long it will take for people to learn their spiritual lessons. We all have our story, but we need to learn from it and evolve past it. As a healer, working on one person at a time, I’m doing my best for spiritual evolution and expansion. Namaste

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