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The Age of Aquarius Relationship

There's a Buddhist saying: The root of suffering is attachment

We all came to this earth world to feel. Here, we experience desires which naturally occur deep within us. If we’re honest with our desires, we move with our authentic truth and we flow. As we all flow with our innate lust for expansion and creativity, we attract change. This is how we move naturally with the flow of our constantly expanding universe. If we try to move against this universal movement of expansion, we limit, restrict, grasp and hold on.

Why do we put up resistance to the flow? Why do we limit ourselves? Dig deep and you will find your answers. Keep asking yourself the question, Why? till you find what it is that you grasp on to.

Change is the only thing in this world that is permanent. To allow change and flow, we need to let go. Otherwise, we hold on to yesterday’s shit! We constipate ourselves in more ways than one! We may count the ways that this grasping of feelings makes us feel sick. Allowing ourselves to feel honestly, authentically, is allowing energy to flow freely. Allowing ourselves to cry, laugh, sneeze, feel anger or happiness is Spiritual liberation! Letting go and flowing with the river, letting it move us, as Spirit does, is knowing true freedom as One Spirit.

We are here to evolve and eventually, with pure intention, desire our surrender of mind and our earth body to this flow... This is our Spiritual destiny and it will take many life times to come to this realization.

Now, let’s apply this to the tradition of marriage. Why do you feel that you need marriage? Let’s count the ways that we want to hold on to yesterday’s feelings. If we hold on to yesterday’s feelings and we promise that we will forever feel this way, are we restricting ourselves? Wouldn’t it be more natural if we could allow ourselves to feel our present moment? Why do you want this promise of restriction from another, especially one that you feel Love for? Why would you want the one that you Love to feel restricted? Would you like the one that you Love right now to be free? Why or why not? The answers will allow you to find your tight clutch.

Don’t be hard on yourself, this is just another earth lesson. If you wish, take a big breath and accept the truths that you find; If you pay attention, you naturally do this automatically. Feel how good it feels to flow with your truth. The truth sets you free! Breathing in your truth, life energy, prana, becomes easier when we are authentic...

As we make true Love, consciously choosing each other, breathing our truth in deeply, in the present moment, we surely come upon bliss. Loving each moment freely is when the magic happens... The earth world shows us the difference, the contrast between earth needs and Spiritual liberation. Which are you choosing?

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