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Yoga is the first place to start

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

Higher Consciousness, Awakening, Superconsciousness, call it what you will. Yoga is the best place to start. The mind is too difficult to change and certainly the Spirit is the last thing to transform. So it is the body where we begin.

Antonio’s wife took my yoga classes because she had chronic back pain. So far, nothing had helped her, except her pain killers. After only a few sessions, she arrived before class with tears in her eyes and a bouquet of flowers. She told me how grateful she was to finally be out of her 6 years of pain.

Her husband always accompanied her and sat outside the class watching. He had a hunched back and his face always looked like he was in pain, so one day, after class I asked him, "Why don't you join us?"

He said, "I'm afraid it's too late for me, I'm much too old."

He figured that after years of hunching over his computer as a stock broker analyst, the damage was done. I told him that yoga could help him too.

“All I want to do is get into my Ferrari,” he replied.

“We can do much more than that,” I said.

Antonio promised to do everything I told him to do and he became an excellent student. After only a year, the hunch in his back had disappeared, as he stood up straight. He looked much younger and his smile had replaced the worry in his face.

Then, one day, Antonio had something to show me –

down he went, straight into a split!

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