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"I feel my life makes more sense

and I am clear what I need to do"

– Tracy W., Venice, California (Yelp review)

"Since seeing her a few months ago I've been watching

all the good stuff roll in, including a new love."

– Eleanor G., Los Angeles, California (Yelp review)

"When I think back on the tarot readings,

I still get goosebumps, it was that good."

– Kerri V., Truckee, California (Yelp review) 

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Sirena Pendragon - Spiritual Empowerment Coach
Psychic Tarot Consultant / Life Mission Astrologer
Yoga Teacher / Writer / Artist

Want your dreams to come true faster? Your Angels want to help! Life is much easier with guidance, clarity, and direction! "My mission is to receive divine guidance so that I may guide you towards learning your spiritual lessons. When you understand your lessons, you raise your vibration and you progress faster towards your dreams." My focus is on Empowering YOU so YOU can "make it happen. We have will power as well as destiny."One of the best things about the tarot is that you can clearly see the cards for yourself. I'm not just telling you what you want to hear. I'm thoroughly shuffling the cards and you can witness the magic without any doubts lurking. It's really real! I'm a Spiritual Teacher and a Relationship Expert! 

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"Crystal Visions Tarot" Artwork ©Jennifer Galasso 2020

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Tarot Consultation $77 1-2hrs. 

All readings are reasonably untimed.

I'm available in-person in Honolulu, Hawaii
and globally/virtually via Zoom or phone

Emergency reading?
I understand, we've all been there.

Text me, and hopefully
I can find availability :)

Parties, Events, Retreats... $127 hr.

(I've done many big parties in Hollywood)

See FAQ above (Frequently Asked Questions)

Please feel free to email or text me with any other questions :)

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Your Astrology chart is like your treasure map,

which leads to your hidden treasure,

your Life Mission! When you know your

purpose, the rest of your life improves

exponentially! Stop wasting your time,

effort, and money moving in your wrong direction! The Universe
only supports us with real money, when we're on our Life Mission. 

I will print out your birth chart and translate what it says for you.

You don't need to know anything about astrology. I highly recommend that you take notes or you're welcome to record our session, or both.

Astrology Reading $127 1-2hrs

Astrology & Tarot Reading $177 2-3hrs.

($27 savings for both)


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"We were blown away by how spot on her readings were. She was indefatigable and was engaged and engaging for 5 hours! Really a kind,

wonderful woman."

– Mary K., Los Angeles, California (Yelp review) 

"I wish I could press 7 stars! The reading was amazingly insightful and accurate"

– Daniel M., Venice, California (Yelp review)

"Her take on astrology goes way beyond any

chart reading I've ever had"

– Zach W., Los Angeles, California (Yelp review)

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"Your yoga class was great! I wish you were closer!"

-Cindy Gomez, San Francisco YMCA District Manager

"Sirena is a fabulous instructor! Her yoga class has made

a great difference to my daughter and I."

-Katrina Leker, San Rafael, California

"One of the best yoga experiences I've had.

Wonderful teacher! I have taken several of Sirena's classes before. Her passion for yoga is infectious and her classes

are always fluid, flowy, organic, and original."

-Ava Klein, Newbury Park, California

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When we practice yoga our bodies become more firm, strong, and flexible,

but working outward is not the ultimate goal of yoga, it's an inside job. Thousands of years ago, when the ancient Tantrics developed yoga, they were looking for the best ways to expand the flow of energy through our bodies so we would feel Spirit. Yoga is integration, union, oneness, listening, and ultimately psychic awareness. I assign "yoga homework" to help students prevent injury and help them to excel through their progression. "Mermaid Flow Yoga" feels good, it's energizing, it raises our vibration and it's fun! Today I teach in the park or on a zillion crystals at the beach.

Learn your customized "safe" way to do Yoga, so you don't injure yourself.

Practice the basics first, by yourself, so when you take someone's class,

you will know your safety limitations, and how to do yoga before you go.

Most Yoga teachers would love to help everyone to do yoga safely, but there isn't enough time and there are too many students to give you the personalized attention that you may need.


$127 1-2 hrs Private Yoga Session

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"Bravo! Sirena Pendragon, Bravo!"
–John D., Los Angeles, California

"Really incredible book about Sirena’s transformation and awakening. We can all learn something from this book and realize the true magic that each of us encompass. A truly beautiful book, I highly recommend." 
-Aravis, (Amazon Review)

"What a great read! I felt so inspired after reading this!
-Bria (goodreads review)

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Want all your Dreams to come True?

Do you want more money, love and happiness?

Join me on my real life journey, “Led by Spirit.”

Born under “The Dark Star,” I learned how to heal through my own Spiritual adventures, and get everything I wanted in my life.

Now, you too can understand ancient secrets of mystical knowledge.

  • Discover how to really manifest miracles

  • How to experience truly fulfilling relationships

  • Find the secrets of unblocking your energy

  • How to find your own Divine Guidance

  • Discover how to raise your vibration through all the chakras

  • Find out how you sabotage yourself

  • Discover what you need to be abundant

Coming soon on the Audible App. Available now on Amazon

in paperback and e-book/kindle. Order your copy now on Amazon:

"MAGIC" was updated and republished as "Led by Spirit"

to conform to Search Engine Optimization standards.

Also, Check out ALL my new JOURNALs for journaling which provide

instructions on “How to Journal.” Available only on AMAZON.

I made journals for all the astrological signs.

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